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2024 design trends: MAXIMALISM

Happy Monday everyone!

This week I will be sharing the 4 biggest current design trends that also translate into web design 😍 

Trend no1: More is more is more... again

Maximalism is back, baby! The last few years the very clean, beige and minimalist designs have been on trend but this year brought back colours, playfulness and BOLD designs. 

Designers and brands are trying on a new “more is more”-inspired style after a period of quiet minimalism in modern web design.

This web trend puts a lot of information in one place: think symmetrical screens cleanly divided into balanced sections, but instead of delicate and minimalist design within those neat compartments, you’ll see asymmetrical elements, bright and strong typography, powerful colors, plus intense textures and vigorous movement.

I must say that personally I am loving this trend! What do you think? 

Stay tuned for the more trend analysis coming up!  


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